Terms of Service

Welcome to Limo Service NYC (“LMNY”), your go-to for top-notch transportation services. By using the LMNY website at limoservicenyc.us, or by booking, buying, or requesting our services, you (the “Client”) agree to follow our terms of service (“Terms”), as well as our website acceptable use policy (“AUP”) and privacy policy (“PP”), which you can find on our privacy policy page. These terms create a legal agreement between you and LMNY, so please read them carefully.

Rates, Fees, and Extras

  • Base Rates: Every service has a 7% fuel charge added to the base rate. For hourly bookings, charges start when the vehicle leaves the LMNY facility and end upon its return, with a set minimum time.
  • Tips: A 20% tip for the driver is automatically included in the base rate for all services.
  • Waiting Time: If you exceed the allowed wait time, LMNY will charge an extra fee, the rate of which varies by service type.
  • Limousines or Buses: Extra costs for limousines or buses, like tolls, parking, and airport fees, will be listed on your bill.
  • Airport Extra Charge: There are additional charges for airport greeting services and pickups during late hours.
  • Cancellation Policy: To avoid cancellation fees, including the full fare, tip, and any other costs, you must cancel within the timeframe LMNY specifies.
  • Referral Fees: If LMNY hires other companies to provide your service, different rules may apply.
  • Billing: Charges are put on the Client’s credit card after the service or as per our cancellation policy. LMNY accepts most major credit cards.
  • No-Show Fees: If a passenger doesn’t show up, a fee will be charged, as explained in the terms.
  • Holiday Charges: Services on public holidays come with an extra fee.
  • Special Event Terms: There are specific terms for transportation services for events, covering billing and minimum booking times.

Vehicle Damage

Clients must cover any damage to LMNY vehicles or property caused by them or their group during service use. The terms specify charges for damage and cleaning.

Doing Our Best and Limitation of Liability

LMNY promises to do its best to deliver requested services. Yet, we’re not liable for delays or failures caused by things out of our control, like bad weather, road issues, or vehicle breakdowns.

Client Conduct

LMNY aims to keep a safe and respectful space for clients and drivers alike. Unacceptable behavior, such as smoking, drinking alcohol, or not following driver instructions, could lead to the end of your service.

Website Use Rules

Our AUP lists things you can’t do, like hacking, spreading viruses, network attacks, spamming, and copyright infringement. Breaking these rules could lead to your account being suspended or legal action.

Changing Terms and AUP

LMNY can change these Terms and the AUP anytime. New changes are effective once posted on our website. We suggest you check these documents regularly.

Agreeing to Terms

By using LMNY’s services and website, you confirm you understand and agree to these Terms of Service, including our AUP and PP. Continuing to use our services after updates means you agree to the new terms.